Visit Beautiful Locations & Learn New Skills to take awesome images
Max. 10 people per class


Group and individual tuition is included as well as notes on the techniques used.


A familiarity with the manual settings of your camera is an advantage, but not essential.
A desire to take interesting photographs!
This is the next step - Applying all of the techniques you have learned.

Finishing times are approximate as the subject, light or inspiration might entice us to stay longer.
Locations will be announced closer to the time.
Bookings are essential. There are limited places so book as soon as you have decided.


You will notice there are fewer trips in the heat of Summer and the Depths of Winter and lots in Autumn and Spring. This is for several reasons. Firstly, the light is better for photography as the sun angle gets lower in the sky as well as the best times of the day for light (early morning and late afternoon) are not so early and late. Secondly, the severe weather can occur in Summer and Winter, making it very uncomfortable for photography or having to cancel it.

If you have a location or topic that interests you please email or phone me.


½ day on location  -  $75 
Full day on location  - $125
Review Class - $45


Having taken lots of photos at these great locations, its time for some extra guidance and insight. Sort a selection of photos and come to the review class for discussion on what worked well and what could be done to improve your shots. Dates are listed below and under Workshops.

Book via phone or email



Butterflies       January or February   
You will be sent an email with the date and time when the butterflies have hatched ( I have just located there feed tree!). 
You can use a telephoto lens, Macro lens or normal lens as there will be many butterflies, flying or resting. They seem to be oblivious to photographers. The event lasts over a few weeks.
Location: Blackburn

Redwood Forests in Warburton    February  Sun 10th  8.30 - 11am       ....... completed
Come and learn how to photograph these huge trees in a cool forest. They are stunning to look at and a challenge to get some awesome images. It will be a great place to be on a hot summers day

Seascapes & Panoramas       March Sat 2nd   8.30 - 11.30am        Book Now      via phone or email
Beautiful seascapes, rugged cliffs, interesting rock formations and wildlife. What more could you want - except a swim afterwards to refesh yourself. We will look at the best way to make panoramas as well as other forms of photographing at the seas edge - both from up high and down low on the waters edge.
Location: Phillip Island

Hanging Rock       March Sat 16th   9.00am - 11.30am        Book Now      via phone or email
Come and see this legendary rock formation and practice different ways of recording it. We will be looking at using wide angle photography and how to get the best out of it as well as using other focal lengths
Location: Hanging Rock
Parking Fees apply ( $10)

Lotus Gardens      April Mon 1st   2.30 - 5pm        Book Now      via phone or email
I find April is best for these gardens as the light is starting to soften, you still get the full blooms, but you also get the graphic seed pods - and it isn't as hot (there is little shade!) There are some other wonderful plants and water lilies around too, with wonderful colours & shapes.
Location: Yarra Junction
Entrance Fee is additional

Night Photography at Mornington Pier       April Sat 6th  6 - 9pm        Book Now      via phone or email
Photograph the orange cliffs in the late afternoon light, catch the seagulls and wavelets at the pier then watch the sun go down over the cliffs & marina. After sunset, the velvety blue colours of the sky darken and the lights of the pier and boats start reflecting into the water. A triod is essential now to get these amazing low light photos with lon shutterspeeds.
Location: Mornington

Rusty Art & Historic Town of Talbot     April Sat 27th - Sun 28th       Book Now     via phone or email
We will visit an artist in Newstead that collects rusty objects and lays them out in artistic arrangements, which he changes regularly. WE will then travel to Talbot and explore the town. we will stay overnight so we can photograph the stars (hoping for a clear sky) and then up early for some dawn or early morning photos. The rest of the day is exploring the region.
More details & Pricing to come
Location: Newstead & Talbot

Fungi & Waterfalls     May Sat 18th  9 - 11.30am       Book Now     via phone or email
Come and photograph the fascinating aray of fungi along the banks of a beautiful rocky creek - all the way up to one of Victorias best waterfalls. Photographic opportunities everywhere!
Location: Torongo Falls - Neerim

Animals at Night    June Sat 15th         Book Now     via phone or email
Walk amongst and photograph animals at night including Betongs, Tawny Frogmouths & sugar Gliders
More details to come.
Location: Pearcedale Sanctuary
Entrance Fee Additional


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