Q  What sort of Camera do I need?
A  You can have a compact camera, a DSLR like camera (bridge), mirrorless camera, translucent screen camera (SLT),  Digital Single Lens Reflex camera (DSLR). In short, any camera with adjustable settings.

Q  Do I need a tripod?
A  In some situations  –  yes. When you are photographing very small objects, in very low light, with a long telephoto lens and for the ultimate sharpness and quality, then a tripod is necessary

Q  I have a Compact Camera – can I still do your courses?
A  Yes. All you need is any camera with adjustable settings 

Q  I have a camera phone – which course can I do?
A  Day Trips are suitable for people with Camera Phones or Tablets and also the Group Booking class. There wil be a mixture of people with all types of cameras. What I teach you personally would be dependant on which camera you have.

Q  Which Camera should I buy?
A  There is no easy answer for that. There are a lot of very good cameras on the market, so it depends on what you are going to use it for, what size camera you want  and how much you wish to spend. I am quite happy to help you with your choice. See the class ‘Which Camera Should I Choose’ or contact me to discuss a suitable time.

Q  Which lens should I buy?
A  There is no one answer for this one either. It depends on your budget, what sort of image quality you are happy with, whether you want a zoom lens or a prime lens and other aspects. We address some of these issues in class and I am happy to guide you in your choice.

Q  Do you take Credit Card?
A  Yes. We take Visa, & Mastercard . We also accept cash and bank transfers.

Q  How are your courses different from other courses that people offer?
A  In general, my classes are designed to give smaller packages of information per lesson so that you can gain a greater understanding of each subject and have time to practise it.
From my experience, when I go to all day seminars which cover a huge amount of information, it feels great and you are very excited with it. However after about a week, if you don’t regularly use all the information, the rest is forgotten. Usually you retain only one or if you are diligent, a few items.
It is much more effective to take it in small parcels and practise it.

Do you ever do your Back to Basics 1 course in the evenings?
A  No, I find that a lot of what I teach is seeing and using light. It is a bit hard to show you and let you practise that at night. Even in the peak of Summer, there is not enough light to demonstrate what I need to show you. I do however run them regularly on Saturdays and there will be some classes scheduled for after school hours.

Do you give talks at meetings for Clubs and Societies?
A  Yes, I am very happy to give talks at meetings. It can be a practical one or more of a slide show or a combination. Email or phone me for my list of topics. I only ask for what you normally give your speakers.


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A licentiate is a person who has a formal attestation of professional competence, borne from experience, to not only practice a profession, but also to teach, educate and mentor others in the profession.

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