Take the first step to taking control of your camera. Learn how to use your it off auto and know how to change the settings to get the photograph of the subject as you see it (rather than as the camera thinks it should be)

On location
Classes held at various locations outdoors to aid social distancing.
Locations will be near Blackburn
Classes are held once a week for 4 weeks
The classes run from 9.30am - 3.30pm. Each lesson will be on location nearby (weather permitting).
There will be a lunch break and wind down time in the middle to refresh the mind for the afternoon

Max. 6 people per class



Next Courses:

No further courses scheduled at present


We teach rather than lecture, so you will be taken a step at a time through the workings of the camera, what the manual settings do and how and when to use them. You get to practice them in class, out in a beautiful garden with lots of variety of items to photograph. At the beginning of each class there will be a question time and a discussion of any issues that come up. Lesson 6 is on location where you put all the information together. This is where it all starts making sense. Some of the concepts sound complicated, but we discuss them and use them many times. This all helps to make it work.



  • Menu set up
  • Exposure
  • Focus & Depth of field
  • ISO & Camera shake
  • White balance
  • Seeing the light
  • Adding light
  • Composition & cropping
  • Choice of lenses


  • A DSLR or Mirrorless camera or similar, or a compact camera with adjustable settings.
  • People wanting to learn to use film cameras can also be accommodated


None required. This course is designed to teach you how to use your digital camera, so whether you are a beginner photographer or have many years experience, you will be able to gain invaluable information.
Because the classes are small, individual attention is available and experience levels can be accomodated.


Please text or phone if you can't make it to a class. You can catch up on the missed class for free by joining in on the same class the next time it is run or you can pay an additional fee of $75 and have a private catch up lesson (normally $150 per hr) before the next scheduled one. This is important for the first 5 lessons as they build on each other and are pivotal to understanding the fundamentals of photography.

Take the next step and learn to apply what you learnt in B1 in the field. A series of carefully selected topics & locations provide the platform for guided use of your new camera skills.

On location  
8 x 2-3 hr lessons (+travel time)
Max. 6 people per class
No classes running at present


In these classes you will learn to apply the basic skills of photography that you have learned in Back to Basics 1 or equivalent, to each topic. The particular skills needed for each topic will also be discussed and practiced.
The topics have been carefully chosen to advance your understanding and abilities in photography. 
As we teach rather than lecture, you will be shown and guided through each topic and new set of skills.


  • Texture & Form
  • Animals
  • CloseUp / Macro
  • Black & White
  • People
  • Low Light
  • Landscapes
  • Movement


  • A DSLR camera, mirrorless, or a compact camera with adjustable settings 
  • Tripod will be needed for some classes
  • Film Cameras can be accomodated


A familiarity with the use of the manual settings of your camera.
This is the next step - Applying all of the techniques you have learned.


A New Way of Doing Level 2
To cater for people’s time pressures and busy schedules, Level 2 will now run on a system more like taking units at a university.
You register for level 2 and have an initial discussion, receive a booklet for notes and instructions as well as a list of topics that you need to complete.
The Lesson Topics
These are accessed via Day Trips, Workshops and Longer Trips. The beauty of this is you can do the nominated topics at your convenience.
All these lessons include individual instruction as there is a limit on numbers of people, comprehensive notes and of course, going to interesting locations.
You need to complete 8 of the 9 topics listed and at least one review class to receive your certificate. Review classes can be done via zoom.
The Topics are:
Black & White, Landscapes, Texture & Form, People, Macro, Movement, Low Light, Animal Photography & Photo Editing. (Yes, there are 9 topics there).
Day Trips & Workshops
These run roughly once or twice a month, depending on the seasons. Some locations will cover more than 1 topic – however you can only mark off one topic per class. You can however, choose which aspect of the lesson you wish to nominate for level 2. Your tuition on the day will then have that aspect emphasised for you.
Longer Trips
Longer Trips go from 2 – 5 days and run twice per year. They will cover multiple topics over the days, depending on what we are observing. You can therefore complete several topics in one trip.

Learning is Ongoing 
Day Trips, Workshops & Longer Trips, are not just for Level 2. Learning is ongoing. As they are all small class sizes, each level of student is catered for. Consequently, you can keep attending and learning on these activities for as long as you wish. One never stops learning

Registration - $50
Day Trips & Workshops - $85 half day
                                       - $150 full day
Longer Trips are priced differently for each trip

Visit Beautiful Locations & Learn New Skills to take awesome images
Max. 10 people per class


Group and individual tuition is included as well as notes on the techniques used.


A familiarity with the manual settings of your camera is an advantage, but not essential.
A desire to take interesting photographs!
This is the next step - Applying all of the techniques you have learned.

Finishing times are approximate as the subject, light or inspiration might entice us to stay longer.
Locations will be announced closer to the time.
Bookings are essential. There are limited places so book as soon as you have decided. Book via phone or email


You will notice there are fewer trips in the heat of Summer and the Depths of Winter and more in Autumn and Spring. This is for several reasons. Firstly, in Autumn, Winter & Spring the light is better for photography as the sun angle gets lower in the sky as well as the best times of the day for light (early morning and late afternoon) are not so early and late in the day. Secondly, the severe weather can occur in Summer and Winter, making it very uncomfortable for photography or having to cancel it.

If you have a location or topic that interests you please email or phone me.


½ day on location  -  $85 
Full day on location  - $150
Longer Trips - variable
Review Class - $49


Having taken lots of photos at these great locations, its time for some extra guidance and insight. Sort a selection of photos and come to the review class for discussion on what worked well and what could be done to improve your shots. Currently these can be done via zoom


We now have one or two of these trips per year. A great way to get away to great places, take beautiful photos with tuition and great company. What more could you want?
See the Longer Trips page for more information and scheduled trips.

Book via phone or email



Trips are yet to be scheduled

Fungi, Sundews & Wildflowers  June - Sat 13th   9am - 11.30am       completed
I have found a beautiful Nature Reserve with very few people, an interesting range of fungi and other flora all in open woodland so the light isn't too dim.
Max No: 6 people only
Social Distancing will be observed as will mask wearing
If you need to discuss camera settings or images taken, you will be required to wear a face mask as that can only be done up close
Location: Belgrave Sth

Future Day Trips
Now that the lockdown is ended, some trips will be scheduled when we can travel further. Details will be posted here and via my newsletter

Other Topics to be Scheduled as restrictions due to the pandemic are eased
Bird Photography
Low Light at Tahbilk Winery
Autumn Colours
City Buildings
Animals at Night
Werribee Zoo Private Tour
B&W at Korrumburra
and more...

Enhancing and Using your Favourite Images 
by using Photoshop or similar, or making Photobooks
Learn techniques for things like Macro Photoraphy, Photographing Animals or Children, How to Use Depth of Field, Seeing Light and more.
Scroll down to see what classes are available.
Check often for new classes or sign up to our newsletter
Classes held at: 97 Pakenham St Blackburn unless otherwise stated.
Cost: $85 per session unless stated otherwise.      
Book via phone or email


No Classes Scheduled at Present

Other Topics to be Scheduled
Photographing Ghosts
Photographing Dogs
Photoshop Extended
Making Photobooks
please send an email if you are interested in these topics and wish to be put on the further info list


Do you learn better with only 1 or 2 people?

This type of class is designed for you. The content is directed specifically for your needs and the times can be flexible if needed.
You may learn better on a 1 on 1 basis, your interests or skill levels don't fit into a class or you have tight time schedules. You may also prefer to learn on a film camera.

Help for Businesses
This type of tuition also benefits businesses whose staff or owner / managers are trying to take good photographs for web sites or other quick turn around activities.
You may also need to take photographs of objects that need specific lighting or camera settings to enable detail for your customers to see and understand what you are trying to show / sell them.

All this can be accomodated and more. Phone now to discuss your needs - ph 0435 377 065

Classes held at: 97 Pakenham St Blackburn or on your own site

Hourly Rate - $150 per hour
* In general, 1 1/2 hrs for a 1 on 1 lesson is optimum for retention of information. In the field, up to 2 hrs is optimum, depending on the number and proximity of subjects to be photographed
Travel to a specific site may be extra

Bring a friend and share the costs - only an extra $75 per lesson!

b3 photo b&w fp 

Take Your Photography to a higher Level. Learn more of the technical side and how to apply it to your creation of images.

No Classes Running at Present

On Location
10 x 3 hr lessons
Some on location lessons may be longer than 3 hrs due to travel time and other factors
Max. 8 people per class


You will learn the theory behind things like composition, light, lens effects and how to apply them to your images. What techniques to applying whilst shooting to minimise post production. Understanding light and light fall off, both natural and artificial, plus much more interesting information. Discussion & image critiques are held at the beginning of each in studio class.
There will also be a photo challenge to stir the creative juices!


  • Composition 1
  • Composition 2
  • Perspective - effect of Lenses & distance
  • Filters – graduated, polarising, soft focus, B&W
  • Colour Theory & its use
  • Light & Lighting 1 – flash, LEDs, Glass, Shiny surfaces, Back Lighting
  • Light & Lighting 2
  • Reflections - eliminating them or using them, Silhouettes & Shadows
  • Luminosity
  • Discussions


  • A DSLR camera, mirrorless, or a compact camera with adjustable settings 
  • Tripod


You need to have completed Back to Basics 1 & 2 or have a working knowledge of the settings on your camera


Please text or phone if you can't make it to a class. You can catch up on the missed class either by joining in on the appropriate class the next time it is run for free or you can pay an additional fee of $95 and have a private catch up lesson (normally $150 per hr) at a time convenient to both parties. These classes are stand alone lessons so the order in which you do them is not important.


2021     Classes this year will be on Saturdays
Dates to be announced


$795 for 10 lessons
* Early Bird price - Book & pay at least 2 weeks before and pay only $770

Level 3 Graduate On Going Classes 
By request, after B3 has been completed, a monthly level 3 class runs to hone and advance ones knowledge. They are made up of photography trips or workshops on topics that interest or need work with a location chosen to suit, as well as review classes of photos taken. It is optional whether you choose to do these on going classes or not.
Cost $75 per lesson.


APP Licentiate Sm
A licentiate is a person who has a formal attestation of professional competence, borne from experience, to not only practice a profession, but also to teach, educate and mentor others in the profession.

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