Enhancing and Using your Favourite Images 
by using Photoshop or similar, or making Photobooks
Learn techniques for things like Macro Photoraphy, Photographing Animals or Children, How to Use Depth of Field, Seeing Light and more.
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Classes held at: 97 Pakenham St Blackburn unless otherwise stated.
Cost: $85 per session unless stated otherwise.      
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No Classes Scheduled at Present

Other Topics to be Scheduled
Photographing Ghosts
Photographing Dogs
Photoshop Extended
Making Photobooks
please send an email if you are interested in these topics and wish to be put on the further info list



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A licentiate is a person who has a formal attestation of professional competence, borne from experience, to not only practice a profession, but also to teach, educate and mentor others in the profession.

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