Take the next step and learn to apply what you learnt in B1 in the field. A series of carefully selected topics & locations provide the platform for guided use of your new camera skills.

On location  
8 x 2-3 hr lessons (+travel time)
Max. 6 people per class
No classes running at present


In these classes you will learn to apply the basic skills of photography that you have learned in Back to Basics 1 or equivalent, to each topic. The particular skills needed for each topic will also be discussed and practiced.
The topics have been carefully chosen to advance your understanding and abilities in photography. 
As we teach rather than lecture, you will be shown and guided through each topic and new set of skills.


  • Texture & Form
  • Animals
  • CloseUp / Macro
  • Black & White
  • People
  • Low Light
  • Landscapes
  • Movement


  • A DSLR camera, mirrorless, or a compact camera with adjustable settings 
  • Tripod will be needed for some classes
  • Film Cameras can be accomodated


A familiarity with the use of the manual settings of your camera.
This is the next step - Applying all of the techniques you have learned.


A New Way of Doing Level 2
To cater for people’s time pressures and busy schedules, Level 2 will now run on a system more like taking units at a university.
You register for level 2 and have an initial discussion, receive a booklet for notes and instructions as well as a list of topics that you need to complete.
The Lesson Topics
These are accessed via Day Trips, Workshops and Longer Trips. The beauty of this is you can do the nominated topics at your convenience.
All these lessons include individual instruction as there is a limit on numbers of people, comprehensive notes and of course, going to interesting locations.
You need to complete 8 of the 9 topics listed and at least one review class to receive your certificate. Review classes can be done via zoom.
The Topics are:
Black & White, Landscapes, Texture & Form, People, Macro, Movement, Low Light, Animal Photography & Photo Editing. (Yes, there are 9 topics there).
Day Trips & Workshops
These run roughly once or twice a month, depending on the seasons. Some locations will cover more than 1 topic – however you can only mark off one topic per class. You can however, choose which aspect of the lesson you wish to nominate for level 2. Your tuition on the day will then have that aspect emphasised for you.
Longer Trips
Longer Trips go from 2 – 5 days and run twice per year. They will cover multiple topics over the days, depending on what we are observing. You can therefore complete several topics in one trip.

Learning is Ongoing 
Day Trips, Workshops & Longer Trips, are not just for Level 2. Learning is ongoing. As they are all small class sizes, each level of student is catered for. Consequently, you can keep attending and learning on these activities for as long as you wish. One never stops learning

Registration - $50
Day Trips & Workshops - $85 half day
                                       - $150 full day
Longer Trips are priced differently for each trip


APP Licentiate Sm
A licentiate is a person who has a formal attestation of professional competence, borne from experience, to not only practice a profession, but also to teach, educate and mentor others in the profession.

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