The Joy of Longer Trips

  • Short or no travel times for sunset and dawn photos
  • Potential to do star photography with no city light pollution or travel time
  • Great locations
  • A range of different topics and subjects
  • Company of like minded people
  • No time pressures to get home
  • Viewing & discussions of the photos we took
  • Comprehensive notes & personalised tuition
  • Time to relax and enjoy the location and people

This is the benefit of going on a long weekend or for a 4 – 5 day trip. We can go to places that are too far away to do in a single day as well as having the additional benefits listed above.
Accommodation is usually in comfortable hotels, guest houses cabins or similar. We aim to have a communal lounge area so we can have group discussions and relaxation.
We also aim to have a self catering area for people who have a restricted diet. Most times this is achievable. Otherwise we often eat out at local pubs or bistros – depending on where we are.

Up Coming Trips

All Trips Cancelled until Further Notice due to COVID-19 Pandemic
** Weekend Away
Wilsons Promontory   April    Fri 17th - Sun 19th 2020 - This was cancelled and may be scheduled again later
Two days & 2 nights to see this amazing part of Victoria. Ancient Rocks, Tidal River entering the sea, Birds, Wombats, Wallabies, Sand Dunes, Banksia Forests and more
We have some wonderful places to see and photograph.
For starters we will go to Big Drift sandune in the late afternoon, to make use of the low light to enhance texture. We will stay for sunset to get some great colours.
Next Day we will do several short walks and spend time at Tidal River . We will do bird photography, animal, flowers & creatures as well as the rocks, sea and stream. We will then do a sunset stop at Whisky Point. The last day we will go to the Banksia woodland and end up at Millers landing to see the southern most mangroves in Australia. This is a very beautiful walk.
Cost - $495 
Accommodation additional
Full Information now available. Click here to ask for a brochure by phone or email

Wilsons Prom


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