Take the next step and learn to apply what you learnt in B1 in the field. A series of carefully selected topics & locations provide the platform for guided use of your new camera skills.

On location  
8 x 2-3 hr lessons (+travel time)
2 x 2hr Discussion classes
Max. 8 people per class


In these classes you will learn to apply the basic skills of photography that you have learned in Back to Basics 1 or equivalent, to each topic. The particular skills needed for each topic will also be discussed and practiced.
The topics have been carefully chosen to advance your understanding and abilities in photography. 
If you have learned about the manual settings but still need help applying them - try attending some Day Trips. They lead you through what settings to choose and more.  Also, some of the Workshops can help improve your understanding of using the settings.
As we teach rather than lecture, you will be shown and guided through each topic and new set of skills.


Please text or phone if you can't make it to a class. You can catch up on the missed class either by joining in on the appropriate class the next time it is run for free or you can pay an additional fee of $75 and have a private catch up lesson (normally $150 per hr) at a time convenient to both parties. These classes are stand alone lessons so the order in which you do them is not important.


  • Texture & Form
  • Animals
  • CloseUp / Macro
  • Black & White
  • People
  • Low Light
  • Landscapes
  • Movement


  • A DSLR camera, mirrorless, or a compact camera with adjustable settings 
  • Tripod will be needed for some classes
  • Film Cameras can be accomodated


A familiarity with the use of the manual settings of your camera.
This is the next step - Applying all of the techniques you have learned.


October 2019
Saturday Mornings  

12th Oct - Texture & Form
19th Oct - Animals at Werribee
9th Nov -  Landscapes
16th Nov - Double Class - People & Discussion Day
23rd Nov - Low Light
30th Nov - Macro Photography
7th Dec -  Movement
February 2020  
1st Feb - Black & White
8th Feb - Discussion Day
*Start times will depend on location & topic. Some trips are most or all day.


$750 for 10 lessons
* Early Bird price - $ 720 (save $30) paid 1 month in advance


  03 9877 9266
  or 0435 377 065

APP Licentiate Sm
A licentiate is a person who has a formal attestation of professional competence, borne from experience, to not only practice a profession, but also to teach, educate and mentor others in the profession.

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