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Seascapes Day Trip
Saturday 01 February 2020, 09:00am - 12:00pm
Contact Wendy Clark 0435 377 065

Arrive at High Tide and get photos of crashing waves and more. Stay on as the tide goes out, exposing the reef for different shots.

Location Blairgowrie Back Beach

We Teach 
rather than Lecture
Learn more easily with personalised tuition in small classes.
Hands on tuition with practice enables faster learning too.

The Essence of Photography
is to choose how your image will look by using depth of field and selecting your point of focus and of course, composition.

If you use Auto - your camera makes the choice & it may not look like you want it to.
Learn how to take control of your camera & create the image you see!


APP Licentiate Sm
A licentiate is a person who has a formal attestation of professional competence, borne from experience, to not only practice a profession, but also to teach, educate and mentor others in the profession.

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